Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sample diet lightning: 10 kg less

 Be realistic, you can never lose a large amount of weight in a few days, so theflash diet to lose 10 kg is the ideal solution for your problem, and it is precisely for this reason we are here today to tell you how to do!
Sample diet lightning: 10 kg less
·         A grapefruit and a slice of whole wheat bread;
·         Coffee or tea without sugar, milk and honey;
·         2 glasses of water.
·         A grilled chicken breast;
·         Sliced ​​tomatoes, grilled or stewed;
·         2 glasses of water or a diet soda, or coffee or tea.
·         A grilled fish (tuna, sea bream, sea bass, trout or salmon);
·         A mixed salad;
·         A slice of whole wheat toast and a grapefruit.
·         4 glasses of water or soda.

The lightning diet for 10 kg less fat that we offer is called Scardsale and, unlike other diets , does not provide a long exercise plan tax, but a strategy based food almost exclusively fruits and vegetables for a period of 14 days and after this period will begin some time off in order to accustom the body to the new diet regime. Thanks to this diet flash manage to lose 10 lbs in just two weeks !

The fruits and vegetables, mainstays of our diet flash to get rid of 10 kg , are useful for providing enzymes to your body to burn more calories and essential, therefore, to lose a greater amount of weight.
Citrus fruits are a category of fruit from the amazing features, and are considered some real fat-burning: including grapefruit and lemons in your diet lightning able to eliminate 10 kg in just 14 moons.
During the period of diet Scardsale is also essential to maintain proper hydration of your body, in order to facilitate them in the process of expulsion of toxins and harmful waste, the water is the liquid that best accompanies you during your diet to lose 10 kg lightning , as well as teas and juices can go very well.
In any case, you have to consume at least 1 liter of water per day, pay attention to, however, alcoholic or carbonated drinks: they contain large amounts of sugar, colorings and calories.
As for the food, as we have already said you should prefer over all fruits and vegetables, even if there is no problem if the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) you can enjoy dishes of tasty and healthy foods: lean meats , fish, seafood, low-fat dairy, animal derivatives low-calorie and nutrient-rich ...
To be avoided are the sweet, sugar in general, all those meats and foods high in fat or high in calories.
Try to follow a meal plan taking as its cue from this flash diet for a day.
Perfect Breakfast flash of diet:
Lunch ideal:
Dinner of the diet lightning:
In addition to the 3 main meals, our diet lightning to lose weight 10 kg also includes two snacks that will satisfy your appetite mid-morning and between lunch and dinner.
Snacks should also be made ​​with low-fat foods, such as vegetables (celery with a put of wholemeal bread spread with cottage cheese is fine) or fruit (be prepared a strawberry smoothie, grapefruit and pineapple).
These are designed to keep your metabolism active and energetic throughout the day, making you burn more fat: is the spearhead of our diet lightning to break through the defenses of the fat and lose weight 10 kg !